Myles Bullen shares wistful new single “* Ordinary Magic *” , featuring billy woods

By Jacob Ezra

Multi-talented rapper and poet Myles Bullen has shared a new single called “* Ordinary Magic *”, featuring underground legend billy woods. With intricate, beautifully evocative lyricism underscored by wistful instrumentation, this track inspires one to dive deep into introspection. The beat for “* Ordinary Magic *” primarily consists of airy, warm guitars that drift overtop of crisp percussion, creating a balmy mood that immerses the listener in its atmospherics. Moreover, Bullen and woods deliver some sublimely poetic verses that refresh the listener with their personal nature. A pensive, dream-like cut, “* Ordinary Magic *” is an emotionally layered offering that beckons some re-listens to unpack.

Listen to “* Ordinary Magic *” now:

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