Dylan Reese returns with new single “Knockout”

By Jacob Ezra

Massachusetts artist Dylan Reese has returned with a fresh new single called “Knockout”. The ever-consistent Reese, who capped off 2021 with the stellar R&B cut “Lose Your Love”, appears to be entering 2022 in top form here. Containing glossy, warm production centred around glowing keys and infectious percussion, “Knockout” provides heavy replay value. Moreover, Reese’s smooth-as-butter vocals draw the listener into this track’s atmosphere, with memorable melodies that stick in one’s head for days. Featuring an intriguing transition into a hip-hop cut at the end of the track, “Knockout”‘s dynamics make it even more engaging. A sharply-crafted, focused R&B and hip-hop cut, “Knockout” will likely be in rotation for us for the foreseeable future.

Listen to “Knockout” now:

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