T H R O N E, ArmstrongWW, and Delorean McFly share new single “Do It 4”

By Jacob Ezra

Abstract hip-hop act T H R O N E have shared a vibrant new single called “Do It 4”, assisted by rapper ArmstrongWW and producer Delorean McFly. A strong offering, “Do It 4” contains a celestial beat with an immersive sound that had us hooked immediately. The beat finds shimmering samples swirling overtop of rich percussion and infectious bass, setting a solid foundation for the emcees dextrous flows. They deliver sublime verses packed with dense wordplay that is thought-provoking and vivid. With a warm, smooth mix that brings the energies of the track to the forefront, “Do It 4” is a blissful listen.

Stream “Do It 4” now:

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