Juko and grape milk share new single “ILYx3”

By Damilola Grey

Juko and grape milk have dropped their heavily anticipated track “ILYx3”. For fans of Juko and grape milk’s previous releases, this single did not disappoint one bit. The 3-minute track talks about contradicting oneself. The lyrics also contradict, in the sense that everything that’s said in a line is immediately followed up with the opposite of what was said. When I talked to Juko about his latest track with grape milk, he said, “we wanted to make a classic dance song resembling something we would’ve done with our old project MALIBU. We wanted to make something that nobody could ever get out of their head”. With a catchy beat and amazing lyrics, we won’t be surprised if this track gets stuck in everyone’s head forever. “ILYx3” also marks that first release from Juko and grape milk’s upcoming EP which, according to them, is coming out soon. While we all wait for Juko and grape milk to bless us with the EP, make sure to give “ILYx3” a listen.

Listen to “ILYx3” now:

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