lucidjason shares new single “4thesky”

By Damilola Grey

lucidjason is back with another track titled “4thesky”. The 3-minute track is about grief and losing people in your life, and the effects that has on you. Imp graces the first verse with a raw performance which is filled with emotion. They talk about their friend who passed away, and how they saw the effects it had on their family. lucidjason, who has the verse after Imp, raps his verse from a regretful point of view- he talks about his sister from an “I should’ve done more” point of view.

When I talked to lucidjason about his verse, he said his favorite line was “dearly departed reaper calling barely started” which means that people may go during the early stages of their lives. Oluwadoe blesses the track with her amazing vocals. 4thesky is a track full of intense emotions and the fact lucidjason, Imp and Oluwadoe were able to show listeners a glimpse of their grief in just 3 minutes is a testament to their dedication to perfecting their craft. I honestly can’t wait to see what each of them have in store for us in the nearest future.

Listen to “4thesky” now:

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