Trap Papi shares new project ‘Ultraviolet Lotus’

By Damilola Grey

Trap Papi has dropped his 5th tape of the year titled Ultraviolet Lotus. This 14-track album, which features Akaash Vincent, ADI, Jesse Commas, and Kyzo Kidd, is a rollercoaster of emotions with tracks for every emotion/ setting. From tracks like “Lose You” and “Way Less Friends”, which can be played on late night drives, to the catchy bangers like “Fine Line” and “Peer Pressure”, Trap Papi made sure to make this album an EXPERIENCE. The features did not disappoint either with my personal favorite being Kyzo Kidd on “Way Less Friends”.

When I asked Trap Papi what “Ultraviolet Lotus” meant to him, he told me “Ultraviolet Lotus to me is an open ended thing. Lotuses are known to be flowers of healing and opening up, so I interpret that as the only way I am able to heal from my past mistakes is by opening up. Ultraviolet rays are able to make black lights glow, and I thought the parallel between the idea of making something dark into light and opening up to heal was cool so that was the idea behind the name Ultraviolet Lotus”. Trap Papi also mentioned that Ultraviolet Lotus could be anyone that has made mistakes in the past but once those dark spots come to light, they must be willing to open up if they want to heal.

Listen to Ultraviolet Lotus now:

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