The China Blue shares debut EP ‘The Last Several Months’

Written by Jacob Ezra

Providence, RI artist The China Blue has shared his debut EP The Last Several Months, an eclectic collection of intriguing, refreshing songs. Kicking the project off with the atmospheric “Why (It Didn’t Feel Right)”, the artist immediately showcases his creativity and focused songwriting abilities. Containing a starry, freeing instrumental and evocative vocals, this track starts the EP strongly and sets the stage for the project’s wistful sound. Project highlight “Nervous” follows, utilizing punchy percussion and addictive, driving bass to create an infectious rhythm. Here, The China Blue comes through with some of his catchiest vocals, while still remaining highly emotive throughout his performance. This track transitions smoothly into the eerie, thoughtful “SiLENCE”, a track that reflects on The China Blue’s mental state and themes such as loneliness and anxiety. Admirably personal, “SiLENCE” is a track that many can relate to, especially in these turbulent times.

Another strong track is “Hide Away”, a chilling, forward-thinking cut that feels as if it came back from the future in a time capsule. With swirling, hypnotic keys and crisp percussion, “Hide Away” is a track that beckons multiple re-listens to grasp its full scope sonically. Closing out the EP is the dreamy “SLEEP”, featuring Mere Raj, which allows the project to finish on somewhat of a breezier note. With airy keys and atmospheric background vocals, this track closes out the record in a graceful, focused manner.

Overall, The Last Several Months is a layered, emotionally resonant debut from this young artist. An expressive release that is admirably bold in its willingness to get personal, The Last Several Months is worthy of multiple re-listens to grasp its scope both emotionally and sonically.

Listen to The Last Several Months here:

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