BobCat shares new single “Cliff Hanger”

Written by Damilola Grey

New Jersey native and Rap Villain artist BobCat is back with another single named “Cliff Hanger”. The track, which features Alley Rocket, is BobCat’s second single of 2021. “Cliff Hanger” also marks the end of Rap Villain’s November takeover. The track starts with BobCat’s verse which is full of quick flow switches, heavy bars, and lots of wordplay (one of BobCat’s many specialties). BobCat evokes a lot of emotion into his verse, painting a picture for listeners about him, where he comes from, and what he’s trying to achieve. Alley Rocket also graces the track with a verse which was nothing short of amazing. Overall, great production, fire verses and a perfect delivery make “Cliff Hanger” one of the best drops this year.

Listen to “Cliff Hanger” now:

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