DLZ shares new banger “Summer’s Over”

Written by Avinash SIngh

We fell in love with “Summer’s Over” by the mysterious DLZ. While the cold is settling around us, the track made our day and offered us beautiful melodic sensations. This artist is blessed with one of the most beautiful voices you’ll hear today.

“Summer’s Over” is generally upbeat and cultivates a casually chill vibe. What I find most impressive about this song is that it has a distinctive and atmospheric intro. Musically, this sets the mood for the track’s dark ambiance, with the unique instrumentation being my favorite example. 

DLZ also demonstrates some solid rhyming chops, particularly on this track. Overall this song is a decent release with good songwriting and capable performance. The artist’s brother Brian gets bonus points for creating the backing music the old-fashioned way, which not only enhances the sound but lends the track an authentic personality.

“Summer’s Over” is a new single from the brilliant artist. One thing that’s striking about this track is that there is a very acute balance between the words and the musical backing. Demonstrating his confidence and capability, the song is almost fully driven by DLZ’s vocal delivery. His performance is quick-witted and engaging, like an amplified version of spoken word slam poetry.

Play now:

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