How to get your first 10, 000 streams on a song

In today’s independent music market, getting more listeners to click on a track is not easy. With the immense amount of music out there, over-saturation can create many challenges for artists. People these days are used to being bombarded with “new music out” and “link in bio” posts, making it difficult to draw attention to your work, no matter how good it is. It may seem at times that promoting music is like taking shots in the dark, hoping something hits the mark. However, there are certain tactics that can help a song reach more ears, and here are some of them:

1. Consistently share content that tells a story about the song.

Can you create a story behind your release that’s unique to you? If so, this can really help get your release wider attention. An authentic, emotive story behind a release can help differentiate it and connect with an audience. Consistently uploading visual content that tells the story is the key here. People are more likely to pay attention to visuals first, if they tell an engaging story that is emotionally potent.

2. Research blogs and playlists and make lists.

Put some time into research blogs and playlists that feature music that is similar to yours. Try to find their emails or other contact info on their website or “about” section of their playlist, and then, create a table that includes their contact information. Reach out to them with a well constructed pitch that highlights what makes you compelling and unique (view our previous post on pitching music for more info on this).

3. Create remixes

It can be helpful to create remixes to direct ears back to your track. Bringing in guest artists on the remix can expand your reach greatly, and create good networking opportunities. Moreover, the remixes can be adapted to suit different formats, such as crossing into other genres or other cross marketing, which can help spread your track to people that otherwise wouldn’t hear it.

4. Reach out to influencers, start-ups, and other content creators

Reach out to influencers, start-ups, and other content creators and try to add value to their work by offering your music to be used in content. Getting a song placed in an influencer’s video on TikTok or otherwise, or in an ad or promotional video, can help your track gain fast momentum. This can especially help if their audience is similar, or if the creator has similar values or interests to you.

Overall, there are a variety of methods that can help an artist achieve their first 10, 000 plays. As difficult as it is for a track to gain wider traction in today’s world of short attention spans and widespread self promotion, it is possible with dedication and planning. Telling a story around your release and connecting with other artists and creators is key, and it is always important to think outside the box while remaining authentic.

Written by Jacob Saltzberg

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