DEEzo shares electrifying new song “My Turn At The Wheel.”

Genre-bending Southern California artist DEEzo has shared an exciting new single called “My Turn At The Wheel.” Over top of infectious guitars and powerful drums, the musician delivers commanding vocals that keep the listener engaged throughout.

“My Turn At The Wheel.” is expressive and raw, containing an addictive guitar riff that sticks in one’s head long after listening. Underneath, driving drums carry a steady rhythm as booming 808s round out the track, making it more layered. Moreover, DEEzo’s vocals are confident and enthralling here, drawing from a variety of genres to create a cathartic, rugged sound.

Overall, “My Turn At The Wheel” is an intriguing release from this up-and-coming artist that proves he is a skilled songwriter who can confidently draw from multiple genres. His sound is unique and daring, and makes one truly anticipate what may be coming next for this talented musician. It is likely that he has a bright future in music, as he is capable of providing something both familiar and unfamiliar, and can draw the listener in with his immersive sound.

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