Best New Music: Hip-Hop (Summer 2021)

Introducing: our best new music segment, this time specifically focusing on hip-hop that’s dropped this summer. Check out our selections for the best recent releases, tracks that provide refreshing vibes for this current heatwave.

Madhattan- “Canal Street”

New York rapper Madhattan further solidifies the fact that he is a noteworthy up-and-coming voice out of the city with “Canal Street”. This low-key, nostalgic banger is both retro and refreshing, providing a truly interesting offering and a dope new music video to go along with it.

Mr Pigeons- “Timekeeper”

Berlin’s Mr Pigeons comes through with a truly unique and intriguing offering in “Timekeeper”, a track that gives off a feeling of spiritual depth. This winding, psychedelic track keeps the listener on their toes with its mysterious sound.


New York artist YL comes through with a dense, nocturnal track in “SLOWPOKE RODRIGUEZ” that is atmospheric and raw. Accompanied by a fresh music video, this release is worthy of much attention.

Hunnaloe- “The Towns Finest / Route99”

Hunnaloe’s underrated songs “The Towns Finest/ Route 99” are smooth and warm, conjuring an intriguingly nostalgic vibe that gives the songs lots of replay value. He shows potential throughout these tracks through clever lyrics and a strong cadence.

Robby Malic- “MVP” (ft. Joenis)

Western Massachusetts artists Robby Malic & Joenis present a smooth, hopeful offering in “MVP”. Over top of an uplifting instrumental, they deliver clever, well-written verses that capture the listener with their vividness.

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