Mauvey exhibits vibrance with his latest single “The King”

Vancouver-Based artist, Mauvey, makes his debut at Roundhouse Music with his latest evocative single, “The King.” The prolific artist displays an outstanding level of artistry as he works through a captivating array of sonics – incorporating influences deriving from Alternative R&B/Soul, Hip Hop, and 80’s Inspired music. The track displays a unique set of production techniques in its composition – punchy drums, ethereal synths, and a slight warmth on the mix – acting as a perfect backdrop for Mauvey’s prominent vocals. Mauvey depicts an engaging yet memorable chorus atop the impressive production through creative lyricism and proficiency. Energetic and Vibrant, this innovative track creates a pleasant ambiance that inherently provokes listeners to play the song on repeat.

The release of “The King” clearly exhibits Mauvey’s artistic potential – placing him as one of Vancouver’s most eminent musicians in 2022.

Listen to “The King” here: