Knucks & Stormzy grasp transcendence in their latest single “Die Hard”

UK artists Knucks & Stormzy have made a tremendous impact on the UK Hip Hop scene in the last half-decade. After paving their separate paths in the industry, the two have finally contributed to a long-expected collaboration with their latest single – Die Hard – a nonchalant track that displays their ambitions of transcending into new levels within their careers.

Atop the compelling messages within their lyrics & jazzy influences in the beat selection, the two rappers display chemistry in their sound that can situate them into a position of dominance in the UK Hip Hop scene.

Impressively matching each other’s energy, the artists showcase an immaculate display of storytelling, highlighting the risks and challenges they’re willing to overcome to bring forth a grandiose suit & tie lifestyle into fruition. In the chorus, Knucks cleverly references the 1998 film “Die Hard” with lyrics, ‘I pray to God I’m in the right lane, Goin out a hundred on the highway, Out the sunroof screamin “Yippee Ki yay.” The American cowboy one-liner has been graced as an expression of extreme joy & excitement in classic pop culture. The wordplay evokes the artist’s desire and eagerness to reach his goals and aspirations while assessing the risks of advancing too quickly in the industry. He continues to deliver messages throughout his verses, indicating his awareness for those attempting to skip through their own difficulties by tying themselves to his accomplishments. In conclusion to his verse, he expresses his vigour and resilience through the lyrics ‘mans word, I can never be a mans worker/work the plan, we can never let the plan work us.’ This powerful statement addresses his inclination toward success without succumbing to the pressures of the industry.

After the third chorus, Stormzy makes his gracious appearance in the song – providing the track with his distinct yet laid-back flow. Much like the messages delivered by Knucks – he too exhibits a vivid story of his experience in the music business – calling attention to the ingenuine personalities of others & his willingness to protect all that he’s worked to achieve. The artist implies his disposition to stay oblivious ‘in the hood with geniuses and illiterates’ as he endeavours to succeed in obtaining his big dream.

From a music producer’s perspective – the artists flawlessly convey their message atop the sinister-sounding production. By incorporating prominent live basslines, dark fender rhodes & a sprinkle of jazzy saxophone licks at the end – the sequence and instrumentation act as a perfect backdrop for this evocative single.  

Despite the song’s ominous and thrilling outcome, the two highly prolific UK rappers present this inspiring track, revealing their devotion and willingness to excel in their careers. “Die Hard” is undoubtedly an inspiring collaborative effort that leaves room for anticipation.

Listen to “Die Hard” here:

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