A Roundhouse Music review on TRP.P’s latest single “Way I Like”

TRP.P debuts at Roundhouse Music with their voluptuous single “Way I Like.” The Toronto duo, individually known as Phoenix Pagliacci (Singer) & Truss (Producer), have composed this compelling & sensual R&B composition consisting of ambient pads, captivating bells, & an addicting bassline that can lure listeners to an overwhelming sense of euphoria. Atop the beautiful production by Truss, Pheonix’s voice and storytelling abilities turn this track into an evocative yet irresistibly erotic musical experience. Her remarkable voice truly compliments the message she delivers through the lyrics. At the same time, the flawless delivery from verse to chorus shows the artist’s qualities that can genuinely bring this track to great heights in the Toronto R&B scene & beyond. The beautiful & impressive arrangement of sonics curated by TRP.P is undoubtedly one of the most alluring songs to arise from Toronto – and we look forward to hearing more at Roundhouse Music.

Listen to “Way I Like” here.

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