DMV artist Xerces tops 300K streams on single “Love Can Be”

DMV based rapper/engineer/producer Xerces is just starting to gain prominence and you will not want to miss what’s in store for this young artist. Starting his journey as a producer and engineer for his buddies, Xerces decided it was his time to step up to the mic. He masters the genre of aesthetic rap and the production on each track is remarkable. His smooth lyrics with a unique background sound make it hard to stop listening to. His single “Love Can Be” just topped 300K streams and the collaboration style he uses on each track separates himself from the crowd. Xerces has the work ethic and determination to make it anywhere in this industry. We are anticipating that Xerces is going to have a big summer and even bigger 2022. Check out his spotify below.

By mromm01

Founder of PLAYDATE.

Writer at Loading Magazine.

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