CHLSY is the fresh dose of the 90ʼs we’ve been waiting for

By Griffen Elliott

CHLSY is a Nashville-based rock band that has brought back a wave of 90ʼs nostalgia with their newest single “garden”. This song’s opening guitar riff is simple but has a certain quality to it that piques your curiosity, this is then followed by the vocals which are as gorgeous as the lyrics of the song, which can be quite poetic at times. All of this is then builds to an absolute smack in the face of killer riffs, pounding drums, and driving bass all expertly complimented by an impressive vocal top line that will bring you back to the days of 90’s hard rock and grunge. The final result is a song that is impossible not to headbang to. I predict big things for CHLSY as this talented group continues to hone their craft.

Listen to “garden” now:

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