ihateyouALXʼs “Consequences” Is Too Smooth

By Griffen Elliot

“Consequences” by ihateyouALX presents a strong laid-back style reminiscent of 90’s Westcoast rap, which is not surprising for a Palmdale native. However, something that will strike you about this track is the wavy synths and instrumentation that instantly create a mellowed atmosphere giving a solid foundation for ihateyouALX to flow over without trapping him in an old school type beat. The vocals in this song feature a catchy melody and interesting interplay between the backup harmony and the lead. The lyrics themselves are quite intricate, featuring great wordplay and polished delivery. So, If you’re looking for a good cruising song that you can both get lost in and dive deep into the lyrics, then ihateyouALX’s new single has got you covered.

Listen to “Consequences” here:

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